English, Analogy- Paired approach Part 2

This is the second part of Analogy Paired Approach test. Each item consists of a pair of words which relate to each other in a certain way. Below are five other pairs as choices. Choose the pair related to each other most nearly in the same manner as the original pair.

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Suggested Technique
From the first part of Analogy Type Paired Approach Exam we learned how to use substitution of words that makes sense in the analyzer. But in other verbal relationship questions, this technique would be useless because verbal relationship questions come from a wide variety of fields. You need to know the context of certain words. You are not however, dealing with this words in isolation; you are always dealing with them in relationship to other words.

To help you cope with this test we will list all of the 20 most common connections or relationship that are commonly used by test makers in all verbal relationship exams. The 20 types of connection will be discussed throughout this sub tests series.


Haggler : Bargain                          A haggler by definition bargains.
Refuge : Shelter                            A refuge by definition shelters.

Antonyms are words that are opposite in meaning.
Beautiful : Ugly                            Beautiful is opposite of ugly.
Baneful : Harmless                       Baneful is opposite of harmless.

Synonyms are words that have the same meaning. Both belong to the same part of speech.
Exuberant : Enthusiastic                An exuberant is an enthusiastc.
Pay : Remit                                  To pay is to remit.

"___ is a defining characteristic of ___ ."
Skill : Virtuoso                     Skill is a defining characteristic of a virtuoso.
Stinginess : Miser                Stinginess is a defining characteristic of a miser.

" Lack of ___ is a defining characteristic of ___ ."
Flaw : Perfection                 Lack of flaw is a defining characteristic of perfection.
"___ is a part of ___ ."
Petal : Flower                      The petal  is a  part of a flower.
Crest : Wave                       Crest is a part of a wave.


1. Skin : Hair::______:_______
Lip : Mouth
Hand : Palm
Gum :Teeth
Leg : Knee

2. Fantastic : Common::______:______
Imaginary : Actual
Harmonic : Melodious
Docile : Obidient
Lofty : Excellent

3. Binble : CHristianity::______:______
New Testatent : Baptist
Buddha : Buddhism
Koran : Islam
Peter : Apostle

4. Edd : Tide::______:_______
Twilight : Day
Age : Life
Dawn : Night
Gains: Money

5. Bacchus : wine::____:_____
Venus : myrtle
Dianna : echo
Appollo : laurel
Janus : heads

6. novel : prologue::_______:_______
Constitution : preamble
animal: fable
poem : epilogue
drama : monologue

7. Poseidon : Ocean
Zues : sun
Aphrodite : hunting
Apollo: islands
Pluto : underworld

8. Insignia : Authority::______:______
Siren : Sound
Crown : Victory
Salute : Parade
Wave : Welcome

9. Ignition : Spark::______:______
Oxidation : Rust
Circulation : Air
Irrigation : Water
Coloration : Stain

10. Varnish : Polishing
Cloth : Patching
Crayon : Coloring
Pattern : Sketching
Machine : Duplicating

11. Producer : Movie::_____:_____
Painter : Brush
Pianist : Piano
Inventor : License
Composer : Song

12. Vodka : Potatoes::____:____
Brandy : Rye
Rum : Sugarcane
Wine : Malt
Sangria : Fruit

13. Stag : Doe::_____:_____
Stallion : Steer
Bull : Calf
Ram : Ewe
Cat : Torn

14. Oedipus Complex : Electra Coplex::_____:____
sister-brother : aunh-nephew
mentor-pupil : principal-teacher
mother-son : father-daughter
wife-husband : uncle-niece

15. Cigarte : Butt:_____:_____
Pencil : Stub
Tree : Stump
Apple : Rid
Pen : Nib

16. Small : Lilliputian
Libertine : Parisienne
Partician : Rome
Quixote : Cervantes
Deep : Socrates

17. Veldt : Africa::_______:______
reel : Ireland
hula : Hawaii
pampas : Argentina
sake : Japanese

18. Composer : Song::_____:_____
Musician : Melody
Photographer :Picture
Artist : Drama
Sculptor : Model

19. Express : Restain::_____:_____
Excite : Stimulate
Reduce: Reject
Elevate : Depress
Propose : Arrange

20. Crocheting :Hook::_______:_______
Patching : Design
Tatting : Thread
Stitching : Frame
Knitting : Needle

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