USTET Entrance Exam Reviewer Compilation


  1. asan ang sagot? pano ma chehck?

  2. kailangan ko pa ng maraming reviewer.

    1. Hi if I were you, look for better reviewers and enter a review center di yung demanding ka dito

  3. Hello po! Saan po ba ung answer key? Para maicheck ko kung tama ang sagot ko…

  4. saan po pwede maka bili ng revierwer for ustet

  5. For College entrance exams po ba ito?

  6. sample tests were given already.... it's your responsibility to at least search for the right answers. thanks to the uploader, anyway....

  7. dumb ass uploader didnt put the answer key. kys nutfag

  8. Pang college po ba to?
    Thank u po ❤


  9. 20 math
    20 science
    20 english
    15 logic
    13 hekasi
    10 vocabulary

    yung mga (?) po is either hindi ko alam yung answer or walang questions/answers

    peace tayo (16) palang ako i tried my best dudes and dudettes

    d, a, b, d, d, c, c, c, d, ?, a, d, c, c, a, ?, a, ?, b, d

    c, a, d, c, b, b, c, c, c, c, b, c, b, c, a, b, b, b, a, d

    c, a, c, c, d, c, d, b, a, d, a, b, c, c, a, c, b, a, c, a

    a, ?, d-a, c-a, c, c-a, c, c-d, true, a, b, a-d, ?, b-c, d

    d, b, c, ?, c, a, c, b, c, b, ?, a, c

    d, c, c, c, c , d, d, a, ?, a

  10. don't rely on this reviewer. the questions here are easy, also this is not parallel to the actual admission test, also there are only 3 subjs eng, math and science and each of the subject consists of 50 questions. review your grade 10 lessons not this. just an advice.

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