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CSE SUPERPREP 2019 edition, a textbook-type Civil Service Exam reviewer packed with tips, techniques, lessons, examples with detailed explanations, unit tests, test-taking strategies, complete with Verbal, Analytical, Numerical, General Info, Clerical Special Treat types of tests.

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Php 540-650

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 Civil Service Professional, Civil Service Sub-professional 

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☻   Written by Ellen Joy Cayaba a TOP 8 - Dec 2015 Civil Service Exam CSE-PPT National Level, Top 3 - NCR Level
☻   Test Booklet Type (Professional OR SubProfessional Level): 2 Sample Tests in CSE Format w/answer key + math solutions

☻    Book+ Practice Test Question Booklet which features 300 practice questions in CSE Format with answer key + solutions for Math Problems !

Exam Contents

I. Verbal Reasoning: Vocabulary Collegiate words Analyzing parts of a word 

  • Talasalitaan Grammar and Correct Usage 
  • Balarilang Filipino 
  • Parts of Speech 
  • CSE-APT Rules of Grammar
  • Common Mistakes in Grammar 
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Organization of Ideas

II. Analytical Reasoning: 

  • Word Analogy 
  • Best Assumption 
  • Best Conclusion 
  • Number Sequences
  • Data Interpretation 

III. Quantitative Reasoning: Number Concepts

  • Positive and Negative Integers 
  • Place Value and Value 
  • Factors and Multiples 
  • LCM, GCF, Prime Factorization
  • Exponents 
  • Decimals 
  • Fractions (Operations & Conversions) 
  • Percentages, and Decimals 
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Mean, Median, and Mode 
  • Algebra and Linear Equations 
  • Factoring Quadratic Equations 
  • Age Problems 
  • Work Problems 
  • Distance, Speed and Time / Motion Problems
  • Probability Venn Diagrams in Word Problems 
  • Geometry IV. General Info and Clerical: Clerical Operations Alphabetical filing Spelling Special Notes on Clerical Work General Info 
  • 1987 Philippine Constitution (Bullets Points) 
  • RA 6713 
  • Special Notes on Environmental Conservation 
  • Other CSE General Info Notes 

V. Tips, Test-Taking Strategies, and Stress-Buster Techniques

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