ACET Practice Test

In here is a link to an ACET Practice Test/Reviewer that ACET takers may use to prepare for the test. It has all the major sections found in the ACET, except the Abstract Reasoning Section. Be advised though that the Abstract Reasoning Section is one of the most difficult and time-pressured of the ACET subtests, so prepare for it well.

The test found here is 275 points long, and includes a battery of short tests that are not usually found in other entrance tests, such as verbal analogy, logical reasoning, numerical ability, and general information.

It would be best if, just like for the UPCAT Test, you set aside a significant amount of time for this so that you can gain some insights on how it feels to take a high-pressure test. 

The test can be found at this link, simply by clicking it and downloading the ACET PDF file that is found there:


  1. ask ko lang po yung sa rigid and flaccid. sabi po kasi "not flexible" daw yung rigid sa google while "loose" naman po sa flaccid. tapos nung sinearch ko po yung pliable, "flexible" po yung lumabas. confused lang po ako kung bakit ang opposite ng rigid ay flaccid at hindi pliable

    1. the most appropriate antonym of rigid is flaccid, not pliable, because of the way it is being used in describing the nouns. try searching rigidity of the muscle and you will be given terms like rigid and flaccid. on the other hand, pliable is commonly used to describe things like leather. hope that helps. yan kasi ginagamit namin sa field of medicine to describe the muscle.

  2. Do you have an idea about a-shape or the entrance exam in Ateneo for senior high school? Thanks!